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SOS provides custom integration of various instrumentation tools including strain gauges, accelerometers, video cameras, and flight data recorders for monitoring and recording flight test data. A streamlined calibration system is used for pressure transducers and other flight test instrumentation; including calibration software that is capable of computing necessary calibration-equations, which significantly reduces the time typically needed for calibration testing and reduces human errors in hand recording. The hardware is anchored by a 64-bit, 3.00 GHz Hexacore, 48 GB of RAM data acquisition computer system which is able to display and record data at high frequencies. This processing power allows the Flight Test Engineer to immediately provide feedback to the Flight Test Pilots.

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MC Control

Mission Commander Control (MC Control) is a situational awareness tool used to actively monitor and record critical parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, strain, pressure or digital I/O for multiple different uses, including structural health monitoring, fixed/rotary-wing flight test data acquisition, autonomous vehicle control, and many others. The MC Control hardware is designed and fabricated in the United States by SOS and the software ties the system together with a GUI that records data and provides the customer with a graphical representation of the platform’s overall status. The MC Control hardware and software are modular by design and are fully customizable to meet the needs of the end-user.

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Flight Test Video

Data recorded from flight test or missions can be played back for further analysis and training. Aircraft location and movement is displayed on a flight simulator. Aircraft gauges GUI is also active for the playback.

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Flight Certification & AWR

The MC Control system was essential for various platforms receiving Air Worthiness Releases (AWR) from Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED). Below is an excerpt from an AWR document:

“The strain gage readings displayed on the Mission Commander Software shall be actively monitored during all flights (including ferry and mission)…”

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Other SOS Products

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