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A geospatial system that can host, correlate, and visualize multi-INT data on a 3D globe.

GeoFOCIS is a moving-map display with a geospatial database, used for 3D situational awareness and workflow management, capable of providing a common operating picture from various data sources. It is a light-weight, high-performance aircraft system for recording, storing, and managing data and visualizing real-time information to enhance mission performance. GeoFOCIS can ingest data from sources such as video, imagery, radar, communications, reports/mission data, weather data, crowd-sourced data, and more. It includes analysis tools and workflows for building, disseminating, and archiving products. Furthermore, GeoFOCIS features real-time aircraft tracking as well as augmented reality capabilities that allow for archived products and data to be displayed on the user interface in real time. During a mission, users can view and search for geospatial products within live or recorded video.

View events in real time on a 3D moving map display. Augment with previous detections and stored data. Enhance situational awareness with platform metadata and flight tracks on a real time, 3D GUI
Real-Time Visualization
Ingest imagery, video, radar, mission data, and more into a searchable database. Query data in real time or post mission using various parameters. Record MPEG-2 transport stream (H.264 and H.265 with KLV metadata) and play back on terrain.
Record & Search Data
Analyze data in 2D or 3D and build/disseminate products using high-performance analysis and visualization tools. Create automated products and implement customized workflows. Leverage existing GIS systems and applications.
Analysis Tools & Workflows


‒  Real-time data and aircraft tracking on a 3D globe
‒  Visually-correlated products from multiple assets
‒  Digital video recording (DVR) with playback on terrain
‒  Searchable database with real-time and archived data
‒  Analysis tools, symbology, and workflows for product generation

GeoFOCIS cooperates with a variety of systems, minimizing customer costs by leveraging existing systems and infrastructure. It contains no proprietary data model and features out-of-the-box support for numerous data formats.

Compatible Systems & Data

Digital mapping
Ground sensors
Terrain elevation
Weather data
Crowd-sourced data
Key Specifications

Video Recording Format:
Frame Rate:
KLV Metadata:
Still Frames Format:
Drawing Format:
Configurable up to 1080p
Configurable up to 60 Hz
STANAG 4609, MISB 601
GeoFOCIS Image Processing Capabilities

Color Balancing

Haze Reduction

Histogram Equalization
ISR / Aerial Surveillance 
ISR / Aerial Surveillance
Maritime Surveillance 
Maritime Surveillance
Change Detection 
Change Detection
Geospatial Analysis
Geospatial Analysis
Aerial Mapping
Aerial Mapping
Fire Surveillance / Mapping 
Fire Surveillance / Mapping
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