Field Service Representatives
Sensor Integration
Information Technology

Providing Services In Three Different Categories

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Field Service Representatives

SOS deploys personnel with unique backgrounds and experience to maintain and operate cutting-edge technologies in hostile environments. Overseas personnel consist of electrical engineers, network engineers, technicians, spectral scientists, imagery analysts, and intelligence analysts. SOS has developed a streamlined process for deploying personnel quickly to rapidly meet our customer’s needs. Typically, our personnel are able to deploy to support missions within 30 days of contract award.

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Aircraft & Sensor Integration

Our team of engineers and technicians have designed and developed power distribution units, system architectures, datalinks, video distribution solutions and complex aircraft networks. SOS uses cutting-edge technology to provide unique solutions to our customers’ complex problem sets. SOS engineers have experience working with Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED), creating Electrical Load Analysis (ELAs) and helping our customers receive Air Worthiness Releases (AWRs) using custom built aircraft health monitoring systems.

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Information Technology

SOS has unmatched expertise in development, implementation and operations of Processing, Exploitation & Dissemination (PED) Centers both domestically and in foreign theaters. Our experience covers the full spectrum of information processing, remote communications and storage management during continuous operations. We specialize in designing and maintaining the large capacity, enterprise level data systems required for both real-time ISR exploitation and historical trend analysis. SOS is a leader in ISR programs with a proven track record of success.

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Field Service Representatives

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SOS deploys personnel with unique backgrounds and experience to maintain and operate cutting-edge technologies in hostile environments. OCONUS personnel consist of electrical engineers, network engineers, technicians, sensor operators, imagery analysts, and intelligence analysts.

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Top Notch Services

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SOS provides technicians who are responsible for the sensor and mission equipment of the airborne platform. Our technicians have a greater than 90% fully mission capable rate of aircraft and sensors that we have supported. Technical personnel are responsible for sensors, ground stations equipment (LOS/SATCOM datalinks, radios, COMSEC, etc), and PED equipment (network architecture, servers, data management, accreditation, remote access, data storage, encryption, etc).
Sensor Operator
SOS provides sensor operators who are formally experienced and trained with various types of sensors including EO/IR gimbals, high resolution EO mapping, hyperspectral imagers (HSI), multispectral imagers (MSI), synthetic aperture radars (SARs), and COMINT sensor suites.
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Information Technology

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SOS Services and Product Offerings:

    • PED Centers: Design to Operations

SOS has years of experience in the design, development, installation and operations of ISR PEDs. SOS has integrated multiple secure military networks to exacting specifications with satellite linked VoIP and video conferencing.

    • Network Design and Management

SOS has deployed, maintained and administrated military and commercial airborne/ground networks during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. SOS designs networks by employing the latest in data center technologies. SOS focuses on high-performance, high availability, scalable systems with easy integration and management. Every aspect of the network can be customized to meet operations and compliance needs.

    • Data Storage and Backup

SOS has deployed and managed secure storage systems of petabyte capacity in active combat zones. SOS is experienced with Storage Area Networks (SANs) and various high-end Network Attached Storage devices, such as IBM’s Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS). Additionally, SOS is working with EMC and other storage vendors to optimize the performance capabilities and redundancy for the entire data center architecture.

    • Virtualization

SOS embraces virtualization to reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and private cloud solutions. SOS reduces operating expenses through automation while minimizing both planned and unplanned downtime. SOS’s virtualization solutions allow for rapid deployment of servers and desktops while providing secure remote access to teleworkers and temporary workers.


SOS has real-world experience in the installation and operation of satellite data communications technologies, such as INMARSAT and VSAT. SOS optimizes VSAT networks for lower cost, increased redundancy, and better bandwidth performance for deployed operations. SOS will provide effective load balancing between multiple VSAT dishes and increase performance through active bandwidth throttling, packet shaping, cache management and user account control.

    • Information Assurance

SOS is well versed in industry standard risk assessments and security scans for modern sensor Suites. SOS will rapidly develop Plan Of Action and Milestones (POAM) for operations while minimizing additional costs and ensuring compliance with DIACAP. SOS’s network management experience with classified data systems have proven decisively effective at implementing practical Information Security Policies.

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Technology Partners

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